I have lived, studied and traveled in many different places around Israel and the world;
Born in Bet-Shean, High School in Hertzelia, Military service in the IDF, University in Haifa, and then on to Australia for a while...

Traveled around Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and India, always experiencing, learning and growing.
For many years I also worked as a professional Occupational therapist with children and adults.

My journeys have brought me to build my family home in the north of Israel on the wonderful Kibbutz Ein Gev.
I am wife to Idan, and a mother to Amitai Gaya and Ivri.
I am happy with where life has brought me to this point.

I now choose to build my career to add this happiness.

Being a Webmaster enables me to express my passion for design, and to create visual beauty. Computer programming stimulates my personal logic, my curiosity and also provides me with amazing tools to create. In addition, web design allows for continued study and travel in a world of endless knowledge, ideas, notions, colors, landscapes and never-ending inspiration...


Web Master Course - Web Developement and Mangement, John Bryce ~ Tel-Aviv


Course's subjects:
Java Script
Photoshop CS4
Flash CS4
Content Management System (CMS) - Joomla


Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT), Haifa University ~ Israel


Freelancer as web designer and web development


Webmaster studies


Professional Occupational Therapist for various patients:
Children with Learning Disabilities, Adolescent with Autism
and Adult with Mental Illness.


Volunteer at University in scholarship's programs.


Military Service
• Radar operator and a team commander in a check post on the Lebanese border.
• Staff member on Kshatot Company in the Lebanon area.
• Release rank: Staff sergeant.